Mood and Story Motion.





Lbj uh from Andrew Scelta on Vimeo.


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Storyboards(Dog and Bear)

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Storyboard Production 2


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LBJ story




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Tutorials: AE blur

Using After effects I used the pentool to create a shape around an object in a video then added a blur and used the tracking tab in After Effects. I did this twice

Male Baboon from Andrew Scelta on Vimeo.

Comp 1 from Andrew Scelta on Vimeo.


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  1. Cheese Bird gets shot

2. Bear is mad at a leaf

3. Dog invades Gallopi….in 2018


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Layered Time Condensed

Day 1


Drawing outside my window for an hour. I drew the backs of a row of cars going down the streets, some street lights and and stadium lights. The stadium lights went off 15 minutes into the drawing. It was a little obnoxious. Most of this is just outlining so far. I have a flag hanging in my room; Its a US flag with a Union jack said to be the first unofficial flag of the US(before betsy ross). It showed up in the reflection of my window so I added it.



With the second night I decided to give behind the lot some dark tones and try to add depth to it. By the end of the hour I got most of the charcoal in the back middle done and started the stadium lights.

Day 3


With the third night I continued with darkening the surroundings and gave more light to to where less shadows were behind the lot. Theres different cars in the lot everyday so I just made them a multitude of colors. I then gave the US a black stripe. The light red looked as if It was going to be a bad contrast in the long run.

Day 4day4

Finished the surroundings and then changed my last idea from making the stripes black to even more red. I also gave the US flag 50 stars. It short-of contrasts with the union jack like showing a fast progression of a rebellious flag to a famous one. started to use pastels.

day 5


With day 5 I felt to change the colors of the background and tried giving an orange tint to the far back of the drawing. I gave the cars a small shine and turned some of the lighting into different shades and colors.


The lot didn’t really change much so I just experimented with blending pastels. scrubbed half the lot and added more purple and blue to the sky. Was trying to make a hong kong symbol but just turned into a windmill in the center. I felt like adding a french tricolor so that happened, then proceeded to add some gouache to the light poles and path of the lot. For movement in this I added the yellow and red lights I saw there.

Edit: just noticed the blue splotch under the thin green splotch looks like a really bad flag version of a Kazakstan.

Day 7


so the many mediums I used for this project did not work and only made the color blend an awful brown so I used a eraser and a needed eraser on it for a while. I then drew a frog in the place I erased. from Andrew Scelta on Vimeo.


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