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The Great Emu War

Link: The Great Emu War Right Above is the link to the first project of Interactive media. Click on the link to play. For this project we needed to make a game from unity uscript. This game/project is based off … Continue reading

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Production: NYC

First Project for production 1. In this I change the levels in the footage, and lower some parts of the audio. Our instruction for the project were just to go out and test the program. NYC from Andrew Scelta on … Continue reading

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Art Walk

On Friday September 15th, the art walk was being held. It seven different locations being held, and I attended the location in the Alfred ceramic arts museum. At the establishment, it had many different sculptures stretching from pottery to humanoid … Continue reading

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reference pic

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Game Jam Tasks.

Over the 48 hours I was tasked with making a handful of different models, rigging and texturing. We decided our game would be about Lebron James destroying urban legends. My job was to make the headless horseman. I made two … Continue reading

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Game Critique 1

A game I can play forever and that I play frequently is Civilization 4. In this game the player can choose a famous empire by starting off in prehistoric times, and surviving by making cities, farms, trade routes, and trade with other nations. As a … Continue reading

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game design

In this game; the player will control a lone polish hussar defending against invading forces of germans, prussians and austrians. The players mission is just to turn on weapons to fight them off. You must run around the polish-lithuanian common … Continue reading

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