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Special Topics Layered Time Final

This fInal project was based on three different systems throughout the 20th century. They were economics, factions, and government systems. The maps show the borders of the national borders of 1999.┬áSo for example any empire(ottomans) or giant colonial region(French Africa) … Continue reading

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Aidan_Goes_Home.MOV(Motion Graphics)

In this video project, the class was suppose to show an action emphasized or being highlighted. These points of Impact were shown when the character touches the railing. Color and sound are created when this action happens. These extra colors … Continue reading

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Journal Entry 2 Final Project

Globe Process Update

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moving picture(production 2)

joe from Andrew Scelta on Vimeo.  

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Special Topics: Timeline1

For my final project it will be of five globes. Four for different types of policies and systems and one for territorial changes For the first post on the Final Project Time line I will be showing a map of … Continue reading

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special topics: personal

Andrew Scelta

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Journal 4

For this weeks journal the class was task with doing a exercise that we haven’t done before. I decided to do chapter 1 on After effects Guru: Color Grading Footage by Richard Harrington. In the exercise I changed the levels … Continue reading

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