Juiciness in Video Games

The first Game that I will be talking about in the juicy world will be Candy Crush. The

game has extra effects that make it super juicy. When playing a game if the player is able to match three in a row, they will disappear with a blast of smoke and a pleasant sound of jingle; followed by more candy  coming down. When these come down they hit and make a jingle as well. sometimes the game will make the candy glow brighter than usual, change colors, or more explosions.

The second game is fruit ninja. In the game the player can slice fruit and watch it fall. when cutting up fruit the player can change the color of the blade which may have an effect that comes off the blade like a butterflys or rainbows depending on the sword. When slicing fruit or nothing; the slice will make a noise, and when it is cut juice will splat out of the fruit. When slicing many fruit combos will pop up.

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