Art Walk

On Friday September 15th, the art walk was being held. It seven different locations being held, and I attended the location in the Alfred ceramic arts museum. At the establishment, it had many different sculptures stretching from pottery to humanoid figures, to wire looking sculptures. A few sculptures that really caught my eye were The Covered Vessel with lizard decoration by Victor Babu, Trigram Vision by Jamie Smith, the Lidded Jar by Karren Karnes, and the covered jar by Matthew Metz.

Babu’s Covered vessel with lizard decoration has a niche contrast between the dark casing with the vibrant pink lizards. Between the casing and the pink lizards are a rough textured layer of lizards that blends in with the design of the casing. The Vessel has a look of Greek and roman pottery but mixed in with a pop culture design.


Looking at another piece of pottery is the Trigram Vision by Jamie Smith. The tactile texture of this vase changes half way through (going from waves to ripples in the water); as do the colors, going from complimentary to analogous colors toward the bottom of the base.


The lidded Jar by Karren Karnes has a smooth texture going all around the it. The piece also has an organic shaped throughout and also has ominous feel to it as for the many cuts on its side. The color of the piece is very dark and makes it seem as if its old and mysterious.


Matthew Matz, Covered Jar has a cool sense in color. The colors in the piece is limited to only having about three of them. The design of the piece has balance and movement within the small paintings on the pot. The pot also has smooth texture on it.


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