Gallery Write up #2 Interactive design

April 23th 2017 I attended the gallery located in Alfred University known as the fodsick nelson gallery. The gallery had work shown by two artists Michael Mykola Haleta, and James Ronner. The show was called Do You Suffer From Bluh, Bluh or Bluh, Bluh, Bluh? It was about presenting artworks to an audience that were dissonantly affective. The gallery is opened from April 22 to April 25 and shows multiple pieces by each artist respectively.

Most pieces were nameless but each of the artists works were each accustomed to there style. When walking through the gallery it is split up into two parts. One half is of Ronner’s work while the other half is made up of Haleta’s work. Ronners works seemed to be more industrialized, and send a powerful message which I though of as politically one. On Haleta’s side each one of his artworks were colorful, and had a lot of depth to them.

The artworks were nameless but one work that stood out among the rest was one by Ronner. It was made up of eight mirrors with a campfire in the middle. Above the campfire were two projectors showing footage of what I believe was semi relevant broadcasts of what is happening in cities throughout the Middle East. This piece stood out to me the most for its features and what it tried to make toward the audience member.

Another art piece that was brought to my attention was on the other side of the room. The piece consisted of three small books by Haleta. They detail how to how one can make one of his works, that were all around the room. The books were small, and seemed to be very user friendly. This particular piece could be used with what is entailed in interactive design. The class is based off of making website designs, and knowing how to make sites user friendly. The piece is a manual and can be used to see how they make language and examples easier for readers to understand.

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