Peer Critique-Dereke Windsor

The animation shown in this post is using the Cody rig and was made by my peer Dereke Winsor. The beginning of the animation shows a great overlap and follow through in the head, torso, and tail. He also shows great fluidity with Cody’s body in that it’s almost always in motion. He shows slow in and out well when moving the rigs head. Squash and stretch is also shown very well when the pup jumps back in place. The jump itself seems to move three paws at once though. The front right paw and both paws in the back. To make this more accurate, the paws in the back should leave before the front for more of an accurate representation of a dog’s body. When Dereke moves the legs of the animal rig, the paws seem to be static and do not seem to move.

Cody Rig – Murderous and Trepidation from Dereke Winsor on Vimeo.

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