Visual Music Project(Coding)

visual music project from Andrew Scelta on Vimeo.

This music presentation uses three different for loops, a tablet using pressure sensitivity, and the button controls along side of the pen. The conceptual idea behind this project was that for how different something is; it will always have a piece of what it was before. This is represented through the song choice as it is the same song just three different versions of it.

float couch = 155;
float turtlePower = 255;
float golden = 155;
float silver = 155;
float bronze = 155;
int buffersize = 8;

int fftSize = floor(buffersize*.9);
int postion;
float u = 70;
int F= 10;
import ddf.minim.*;

import ddf.minim.analysis.*;
import ddf.minim.effects.*;
import ddf.minim.signals.*;
import ddf.minim.spi.*;
import ddf.minim.ugens.*;

import codeanticode.tablet.*;

Minim minim;
AudioPlayer [] player=new AudioPlayer [3];
AudioInput input;
AudioPlayer song;
BeatDetect beat;
FFT fft1, fft2, fft3;
Tablet tablet;

void setup() {
size(640, 640);

minim = new Minim(this);

player[0] = minim.loadFile(“BUCKLE ur PANTS.mp3”);
player[1] =minim.loadFile(“Buckle.mp3”);
player[2] = minim.loadFile(“BUCKLE ur PANTS (Chippy Chips VOX).mp3”);
fft1 = new FFT(player[0].bufferSize(), player[0].sampleRate());
fft2 = new FFT(player[1].bufferSize(), player[1].sampleRate());
fft3 = new FFT(player[2].bufferSize(), player[2].sampleRate());
beat = new BeatDetect();

tablet = new Tablet(this);


void draw() {
stroke(golden, silver, bronze);
for (float k = 1; k<width; k*=1.1) {
stroke(silver, golden, bronze, 230);
ellipse(mouseX, mouseY, k*silver, k*silver);
turtlePower= random(255);
golden= random(255);
silver = random(255);
bronze = random(255);
couch = random(255);

for (int i = 1; i < fftSize; i++)

if (mousePressed && mouseButton==LEFT) {
silver = random(12);
golden = random(124);

strokeWeight(70 * tablet.getPressure());
stroke(0, 0, 0, tablet.getTiltY());
line(pmouseX+player[1].right.get(i)*10, pmouseY+player[1].left.get(i)*10, 1+pmouseX, 1+pmouseY);

for (float l = 1; l<width; l*=5.1) {
stroke(255, 255, 255);
rect(0, 100, turtlePower*l, l);
} else if (mousePressed && mouseButton==CENTER) {
silver= random(0);
golden = random(5);

triangle(130+mouseX, bronze+mouseY, couch+mouseX, bronze*10+mouseY, bronze+mouseX,120+mouseY);


void mouseReleased() {

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