Final Gallery Write up(3D Design)

1. Figurative Sculpture:


Uncle Svend’s Duck, Ceramic- The sculpture has an ideal shape of a duck. The Sculpture has a very formal composition which also give its a lot balance within itself, the balance comes from the its duck like shape. The sculpture is a reversible ground sculpture since it’s separated from the background.

2. Sculpture using primarily point, line and plane: 


Danielle Furia, Crosshatch, Porcelain Thread- Cross hatch has a linear composition. The piece is on a plane existence, having up to seven points. a line is made from a series of points, which can be seen in the piece while looking at its entire shape. The composition of the piece also make a series of lines, and points, but these are easier to see.

3. Sculpture using primarily rhythm and balance: 


Danielle Furia, “Grand Canyon” Ceramic, Terra Sigillata- is a very equally colored piece and because of this it is very well balanced. The Piece resembles more a flower bed than a canyon. The piece looks to have many layers  and looks to have repetition in itself which helps it balance, and rhythm.

4. Sculpture using primarily volume:


Caroline Zimmerli, The Consumers Penitence, Ceramics- this piece has a lot of space, and thats what gives it its volume atmosphere. The artworks volume can also be seem with the movement in the piece. Volume in the artwork also occurs with its Tentacles overlapping each other giving the illusion of a third dimensional object inside of it.

 5. Sculpture using primarily scale change:


Guo Cheng, Time Array, Ceramic and Projection- The piece shows two separate versions of  a vase. The dimensions of these two sculptures are very different, and shows the different scales of each piece very easily.

6. An example of modular design:


Object Language, Wood 5 x 32: Modular design consists of Objects connecting with each other, and in this piece it is very obvious that all three objects can connect to one another. Modular design is also about small elements combining and turning into a bigger system. With Modules they can often be complicated or compromised but in this certain artwork it seem to be working out fine.

7. Sculpture using space (primarily)



Erin Blackwell, “Living in our woven lines, Our constructs, of feeling contained memory”, Clay, Ceramic, Terra sigillata, fishing-line, and stainless-steel wire-

Positive, and Negative space are very intertwined together in this piece. The artworks is many types of objects put together that show many circular objects . The pieces all have opened space inside of it, letting the exposed the parts of the pieces flow into each other.

8. Sculpture creating movement:


Danielle Furia, Outbreak, Ceramic, Terra Sigillata: The piece seems to be small rocks, drifting away from the center to the outer edges. The movement is very adherent because of the drift. the focal point in the image is the center point of the artwork.

9. Sculpture using primarily color:


Kendra newell, The Playground, Ceramic- Color has the power to enhance a focal point or bring a certain mood to the entire sculpture. The main colors in the piece are red and blue(primary colors) on the frame while on there are many different shades of color in side of it. the colors on the inside are a wide arrange of of analogous, complimentary, and conflicting colors.

10.Sculpture using primarily texture:


Hamilton, Plant, Ceramic- The texture in the plant is very bumpy. The texture resembles a a floor. The piece is made up of one reoccurring texture that unify the pieces as whole. Other aspects of the piece are its use of secondary color like its green, and brown. The green colors especially the leaves are very strong and gives it an emphasis.

11.Sculpture using pattern:


Mary Gasper, Remnant, Wire wax- A pattern is a series of repeating elements. In this piece the repetition is a hexagon and since, its only one shape it is very apparent of the object that keeps repeating. The piece has lot of flowing movement, which helps the pattern have emphasis all around.

12.Sculpture using primarily mixed media: 


Isabella Duncan, Truly Meat, Paint, wood- This sculpture is a mix media attraction from it’s Wood, and being painted on. Duncan talks about how her pieces are a playful representation of what happens in factories to animals. The piece has a very natural shape with its curves, and circular parts on the body.

13.Sculpture primarily conceptual:


Sarah Ambrose, Belonging, Masonite: Conceptual ideas are based in the mind, language is a tool made from humans. Bringing a tool like that in to art is very smart idea. The art is unified as from is formation.

14. Sculpture using time and motion:

Dylan Muller, Journey To The Feast, 3 Channel Installation: 

This piece is a giant sculpture that surrounds the viewer. There is one image that shows a giant panorama of a video that is highly distorted, along with white noise and a couple other sounds this piece seems to take the viewer into either a very anxious state, or a very calm on.



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