Self Portrait


Charcoal, “22 x 30”, Strathmore on water color paper

With this project I wanted to bring a certain aspect of my personality into the piece.

The emphasis of the portrait is a triangle that combines my head and two hands. The piece has an unusual contrast within the skin. Having the dark tones being very dark and the lights being very light. This is also presented with the value change, which gives it a lot balance especially between the skin, and the shirt. The skin has lot of value but goes from one extreme to the other very fast. There are many types of grays but most of them are dark rather than light. The clothing has a lot of value change with having many different types of grays in the cloth. A lot of strong texture resides within the hair. The hair had a lot of little tiny pencil strokes to give it that. The Gradient was put on there so there wouldn’t be as much open space in the image.

This was the second Self-Portrait throughout the entire freshman year of digital media and animation. My drawing technique has improved, that can be seen within the shading of the face, and hands. Giving objects a depth effect has definitely improved from the very beginning with having the hands popping out at the front of the picture, and the bottom of my neck seeming as if it’s the farthest.


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