Gallery-writeup 2(Art History II)

Decreation is the current exhibit at the Fodsick nelson gallery. The gallery started on April 9th and will end May 6th. The day that I attended was April 25th Pieces of artwork were made by two artists, Erin Ethridge, and Colleen Marie Foley. Some of the art works they did together, and others seperate. When they did collaboration artwork there signature together was titled Thorn. The idea of Thorn is suppose to represent their way of creating a subject and tools that can influence people constantly.

The pieces that are scattered through the exhibit by writing on the floor, but at the same time connect the pieces together. Most of the exhibits are collaborations between the two artists (4 pieces), three were by Erin Ethridge, and one was just made by Colleen Marie Foley.

Foley’s art piece titled “A Collection of Objects, Passed Between the left and right hand” is set up as three with three different projectors. What the projectors are doing is exactly what the title is saying. The left video is putting objects into the second video and the last video is taking them away.

Starting with Erin Ethridge,s first work is lullaby. It is a tall wooden box covered by fans and converters with three tubes sticking out of the box, and a bucket filled with water that seems like its going into the cube. When looking into each one of the tubes shows different angles of a bed in a room. In all different views they are empty and in one of them the light is blinking constantly. The bed in the artwork is the focal point even though it is not being seen right away.

Her next piece Is titled “baptism” has a very formal and rapid presence coming with it, saying that it is just a house covered in ashes. Her last work is called nest, which seems to be a pile of meat.

The Thorn Duo’s first work is called “tuning system”. The name is which has nothing to do with a guitar but to do with person’s features like ears, waist, hands, then goes non physical measurements like whisper and noise. The piece looks to be as if it is measuring the viewer, but the measurements have all been made. Could be trying to emphasize that everyone could be the same in some type of way.

Thorns next piece is called “you have my words” which is writings that get more illegible as they progress. Nymphd is of a wet cloth that has been used countlessly, next to a water bucket. The feeling of this piece is very ominous and looks to be a mystery. There’s also a feeling of something else is apart of it. There last piece, which is titled the far near. This is the writing on the floor, which goes around and seems to connect all the art pieces in the room. Trying to say that the gallery should be viewed as a whole.

With all these works, they should be viewed as a whole, when looking at them it can be seen that this gallery is to show a persons death. With Lullaby no one is in the room. “Babtism” is burned down house, and nest is meat melted together. Nymphd shows a destroyed floor. A collection of objects passed between the left and the right hand is to show life and death. You have my words which shows what they wrote before they died and finally “tuning system” is the measurements for the person who has passed.



“Tuning System”








“You Have my words”

“The Far Near”


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