Gallery Write-up 1(Art History II)

Fosdick-Nelson Gallery’s “Faculty exhibition: welcome” opened March second, and closed April first. I attended the facility on March thirty-first. The exhibition was created to introduce the new faculty in the Alfred Universities division of ceramic art. Some of the pieces at the gallery were “the wall, the void, and, the stick.”(2016) By Shawn Murrey, “Merantau”(2014) by Linda Sormin, “wall bird”(2015), and Finding My place: Bird Tile.” by Matt Kellenher, “how to Make Prune Juice (for two)” (2013) by Chase Felsom, and “Porcelain Test Vessels”(2015) by Keith Simpson. The wall the void and the stick is comprised of three objects within this exhibition.

The Exhibition had a lot simplistic work. Most of it seemed to have a lot nice details to there simplicity. The gallery didn’t have a lot of huge works.

“The wall, the void, and the stick” is made in a very dynamic way. There are three very simplistic objects, and colors within the piece. They’re simplistic in the way that each one of their shapes is more or less basic, and that the colors are very bland. Murrey is inspired from everyday objects. This piece was made from wood, tar mdf board and ceramics.

Linda “Sormin’s Merantau” has a very distorted but organic shape in the way of how it is with all of its variety in colors, and shapes it makes. It’s organic in that it looks like coral. There is some movement within the artwork. The movement would be in the between the giant clusters that are scattered around it. Contrast can be seen in it with its mast amount of colors. There is no focal point to the piece. When looking at it the eye can wander.

Another artist who had multiple artworks in the gallery was Matt Kellenher. His first one was titled wall bird. The color palette of the piece is a mixture of mostly dark colors, with some hot colors that give it a very nice contrast. It has a nice movement in itself, and a lot of the brush strokes seem to go in a diagonal direction. Some of this is cut off by big black streaks in the piece makes it have an interesting texture to it. His other work was “finding my place: Bird tile.” It has a very blatant color range. Each one of them has one color but they have a very bland contrast to it. The piece does have a unity do to there the similarity.

Keith Simpson made the artwork titled “porcelain test vessels”. The entire piece is made from glazed porcelain. It has a weird feeling to it. It was different from other pieces in the gallery. It gives off a different type of feeling to the piece.

There were other pieces of artwork that were not made with ceramics. These others were titled “how to make Prune juice” by Chase Folsom. This collection was made from acrylic and gauche on top of newspaper articles. There were six paintings in the piece all together. The paintings have unity, being all breakfast foods. There nice value change within all of the works, and the piece has nice even weight lines to it.

This gallery showed the new faculties best work in a nice format. It showed the talents of the entire artist’s and brought a new standard to the program.





“Finding my place: Bird tile”


The wall, the void, and the stick


How to make Prune Juice(for two)


“Porcelain Test Vessels”13014979_10201730650466201_961899840_n


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