Canon Project.

Bach the native in a post nuclear world..alone.

Bach is a thirty four year old Norwegian (Scandinavian) native. He has green eyes, dirty blonde hair, that is slowly turning red. He is Caucasian. Bach is threatened from radiation poisoning. When he was fourteen years old, a nuclear war erupted. No missile hit the land of Scandinavia, but the radiation poisoning went throughout the whole earth.. After twenty years of living in the world his entire town died from radiation poisoning. He is the only one who hasn’t died in town. He is in fact the only one living in the town for years. Everything he eats is covered in radiation and has no affect on him. If he eats anything that is not radiated he will get sick from it. A small government that spreads out all throughout the upper half of Scandinavia. They are not a stable government and have trouble protecting the people of there territory. They are however able to get food to every town that has a living population but only about once a month. The food is sometimes fresh. Bach has gotten sick from this fresh food that this falseGovernment gives to him.

He drives to the nearest lake once a week to pick dead fish out of the water. His car after twenty years still works and he doesn’t understand why. He assumes that radiation causes this. After the spending two decades in a town that has dead corpses around them and the only human contact he has is the phony government that only sees him at least once a month. He has gone to the point that he worships the radiation for giving him a chance to live after the war.



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