Journal/FM #4

 For the research this week I decided to only focus on one of the subjects. Proportion. I have drawn whats underneath a bed, six different times.

Underneath the bed.


The six sketches

pp1 pp2

pp3 pp4

pp5 pp6

My favorite Drawing From class on Friday ii

  In Under standing comics McCloud talks about perception, and closure. Perception is what people have seen in, and around the world. Closures are when people see picture in a frame by frame and are able to make a story out of with. another word for this is gutter. With gutters, if something were to change in the comic, each reader can tell the story differently especially readers with different cultural background, and from different countries.

 In chapter 4 McCloud talks about how space and time in comics can change the readers point of view of whats happening in the comic. Time can be seen in blurs as well which can dramatically change the meaning of the comic.

McCloud talks about how emotions can be represented through lines. lines can affect many emotions and moods in other types of art, not just comics. Lines can also determine someone else’s culture.

Scott McCloud talks about how kids are supposed to read books with pictures in it, but when they are getting older they are expected to grow out of this. It is also said in the chapter that writings and art should be looked at different times to get the best view of the material. When they are together they are viewed as distractions then if viewed seperate. They are becoming more acceptable.

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