Journal/FM 1 1/2

Final Caricature


Previous caricatures

Wire Project


A caricature is used to imitate an individual by exaggerating the facial, and body features. The caricature that was created has a very organic shape to it. The Exaggerations of the caricature were the eyebrows, eye lashes, nose, hair, mouth, and placement of the eyes

The Wire project was based off a blind contour drawing. The wire version of the drawing has a very distorted line and that is because of the line the actual sketch makes.

Notes from Understanding comics chapters one and two.

In Understanding comics, Scott Mcloud talks about the basis and structure of a comic. The book talks about on how a comic can manipulate space. By doing this it compares comics to film. One big difference between a comic and a movie is that a movie is based off of time. The book also compares comics to historical works of art that make them seem more mature, and not what most people seem them as like childish or only for kids.

Mcloud talks about people see in comic books, and how we perceive the pictures and images on the page. He uses a pipe for example on how he does this. The book looks at many ideas. One is the difference between abstraction and realism. Abstraction can make things in comics have a better expression on how people view and understand the comic. It also glance son how words and pictures in comics are separately viewed.

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