Journal/Fm #1


I would like drawing things more up to the proportions. Mostly everything that has a proportion to it. Either an object or an organism is out of the range of scale. Looking more closely at objects. By accomplishing this I would draw once a week of any inanimate object, or of a person. Either from the internet or in real life.

I would also like to draw the human body. Researching on the human body, starting with hands and feet. Those two usually can cause many difficulties. Next would be the human face because of how much detail is on there. I would be able to do this by drawing people’s faces that I have see on campus. I will be doing this twice a week.

I would like to know how to draw animals specially ones that would stereotypically have interactions with like dog, or cat. Doing this would be the same way. Studying the body of the animals with the form, movement, and the details they make. the animals that I will draw would be ones of the internet since there is very few on campus and its very unlikely to see them. I could do this once a week.

I would also like to learn how to manipulate body language within a picture. For this I would need to look at many pictures of an emotion that many people are expressing. I would draw people as they walk or talk to one another to really draw how the body flows. I will be doing this twice a week.

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