Phenakistoscope in Movement


Phenakistoscope Frame by Frame.


The Phenakistoscope is one of the earliest forms of movie and animation. The project has a strong movement, and continuously loops around itself. Twelve frames were needed for the project. On the frames, they were drawn with soft and hard edge lines used in the piece. The closer to the center the softer the lines are, and the farther they are, the bigger they are. Most of the lines are outlined. Some are not due to the fact that the object would cover the object it was outlining. The main part of the piece is the changing head. It has an unusual contrast between the colors. With this contrast brings a big value change since they are on the opposite sides of the spectrum. The piece as a whole has a big value change with its many different colors. The shape of the piece is very biomorphic. It is this because of the way the way it forms into the next frame. Seems like it’s a little mechanical. They’re no focal point within the physical form of the Phenakistoscope.

Comparing the Phenakistoscope to it being used on a mirror and used in a gif, its easier to see as a gif. It’s easier to concentrate on since it’s in an endless loop and never stops or becomes unsteady. Another benefit from having it digitally is the fact that it can be turned into a single framed video. Having this allows there to be more of a focal point in that a person can focus on the frames more and pay attention to the motion that’s happening. With this project my growth as an artist has a much better understanding of movement. Having to align the frames just right for each of them to go into each other and to have a nice rhythm with in the piece. It has served the purpose of showing how to properly time any movement that would be animated. It has also showed how to plan to every frame. It has also showed how to plan out the movement on what is happening and what should happen in the next frame. especially for the Phenakistoscope for linking it up from the last frame to the first one. Less’s frame mean more faster movement, and more frames equals slower or less movement. This project was not the only one to involve frames though.

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