Grid painting


                                                                                        Paint, 2015

The painting, is a very intertwined image with many different shapes, and layers. The grid is what makes the piece. It does this with the shapes and lines inside of it giving it a complex structure. The painting portion of the project gives the image its sense of movement. In it there are many types of colors that give off strong intensity changes. Not all of it is intensity change. Most of the colors are analogous and complimentary colors. In the entire image there is a lot of value changes from light to dark colors in the piece.

The shapes of the piece are mostly circles and triangles. Theses shapes went into each other and made different fragments in the artwork. Those shapes as a whole make a bull’s-eye with two small triangles going into the center of them, and two other triangles forcing them into the center. This aspect shows movement within it. There are other triangles inside it that are camouflaged in the color. They show movement but at the same time they are colliding with each other so it also has stalling points within those fragments. The colors in it really help with the moves inside the work. For example the intensity changes make it seem as if there us more movement with the piece.

Overall the grid painting has a very powerful and colorful flow in it.

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