Mask project(final)

Mask Drawingfinal-mask-yo

          Charcoal, Beinfang, 18 x 24, 2015

Mask Composition


            Adobe Photoshop, 2015

Origanal Mask



The mask project was designed to show craftsmanship, and form. Creating the mask was crafted to fit the face of the maker. The mask was not created to be a replica of the face; instead it was made just to fit around the face and the design could be made to look in any way. The masks shape was dynamic and Asymmetrical. There were certain parts on both sides of the mask that the other side didn’t have. For example there could be a piece of the mask that was shifted to the left side while making it giving it the asymmetrical look. There was also some space between the papers that connected the mask so it would be a better fit for the head. That was just the case for my mask. The emphasis of the mask would be the space for the eyes to look through.

For the illustration of the mask, it was put into three different locations. In the drawing there was a lot of contrast with the shades of gray, and black on the masks themselves, then the black on the background compliments it even more. In the piece there is a lot of balance in it with one mask being at the center and two at it sides. There is also a lot value within all the masks, having multiple types of different shades of gray, the white, and the black. The shading of the masks shows this. The blending of the masks is very peculiar, but has unified the three masks with its sense of texture on it. In the illustration there isn’t a focal point like there was in the mask itself. The focal point in this would the center mask because of its size compared to the other too, and the contrast of its white and the very dark black.

where I am as an artist:

starting off the semester I had barely any artistic talent, and didn’t know many techniques at all. By the end my artistic abilities have improved. I have a lot more craftsmanship in my projects with a lot of new techniques.  the big difference between the beginning and the the end is that i know how to draw a work of art to completion.

I want to improve my abilities and learn how to morph it into better talent and my creations and make them see more alive and believable. I want it to look more like it was made by an artist.

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