Endangered Species Final(Bactrian Camel)


                                                                                          Ebony, 11×17, Bristol, 2015


The Bactrian camel or Camelus bactrianus is an endangered species. They reside in the area where China and Mongolia border in the gobi desert. The Desert is made up of rocky terrain. They are becoming extinct from droughts and, interbreeding, wolf’s attacks, and most of all humans. Humans have been known to hunt the animal for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is so the humans domesticated animals can have more grazing spots and water that they don’t have to share. They also have lost of habitat due to humans building mines. Humans who build these have been known to shoot animals (including camels) that go near the construction of them. Bactrian camels tend to migrate but when they do there are droughts that occur and have seen far less water. Since water is getting scarce, camels aren’t the only species going to the few water sources. Wolves are one of those species that don’t help with little numbers that the Bactrian have left. Bactrian camels have also been susceptible to land mines.

My device would allow the animal to sense organisms from up to two miles away in a sonar type of fashion. The reason for the length is so some types of guns would not be able to fire from that range. It would also allow them to keep them from human’s path that could potentially give them harm. They would also be allowed to know if wolves would be tracking or following them. The device can also sense metals that are within the ground from half-mile away (also in a sonar type of fashion). This would allow them to keep away from land mines. This would be ideal for locating landmines and keeping them out of harms way. The device doesn’t help them obtain more water but rather help them avoid the water spots with danger. For example a pack of wolves at a water source. The device doesn’t help them with habitat loss or interbreeding for the reason not to let the animal be indestructible sort of speak

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