Glitch art Write up

Philip Stearns is a Glitch Artist who resides in Brooklyn, New York. He has many artworks that span a wide range of materials. His work has been showed at international art festivals and galleries across the US. Stearns has many ways of creating work in which affect a person’s sight and hearing.

Stearns has a long range of materials ranging from Mac OSX terminal, to basic cleaning supplies. Other mediums in which he uses include textiles, light bulbs, and 3D models. One notable work that he did was “ A Chandelier For One of Many Possible Ends” where he uses 92 florescent bulbs, Geiger counter, and radiation from the counters, to test if a nuclear catastrophe would ever happen. He also explores in vision technology to understand physiology of the retinal of the human eye. In this experiment he used photographs of before and after exposure, pouring chemicals and giving it 15,000 volts to see how the photos resemble the retinal.

Stearns also has a lot of other works but has these two interested me the most.

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