Journal 9

The endangered Animal I chose was the Bactrian camel. They resign in northwest China and the southwest in Mongolia in the Gobi desert. Unlike the Camels in the Sahara desert where it’s full of sand there is a lot of mountain terrain in there location. Some of these places that they live in use to be places for nuclear testing. They are endangered for multiple reasons, one being hunted by humans. They hunt the wild Bactrian camels so that their domesticated animals can get the resources they need without competition. Bactrian camels tend to migrate and many droughts have happened. Wolves are known to attack them a lot, which is apart of nature but with their loss of numbers these attacks do not help the population. These camels are also known to step on landmines.

The item I used for the revival of the Bactrian camel was an external radar device that would help detect organisms like Humans, and Wolves from a two-mile radius. This would be letting them to avoid potential threats. They would also be able to detect metals from a half-mile radius.



with tool

This is my Terra cotta Drawing                       What I drew

j9.1  12188413_10201173284492400_1445054745_n

The item that I drew was on the ceiling of the terra cotta, and it helped holding a group of light

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