Silhouette/Shirt Project

Original Design                                 Shirt

Project 12179582_10201157770264554_2110961263_n

                             adobe photoshop

Scale change is used in every day life in artistic recreational styles all the way to business, and advertisements. They are all used for the same purpose of catching the viewer’s eye.  The change within my digital copy is noticeable. The scale makes up unity within it. Unity is held from the proportion that the letters make. The word is roughly in the center, and holds the artwork in place. The emphasis of the artwork is the word. The smoke used in the design gives it value and creates harmony  by manipulating the white and black.

The shirt part of the project did not come out as expected. The design changed drastically. Letters are smothered and hard to see, but balance still exists. Looks more like an old book cover, and is  different altogether, but has an enjoyable feel.



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