Final for Chair





Charcoal, 22x 30, 2015


This piece of artwork has a lot of contrast within it inside the image. There are points on the image that get the attention of the viewer’s eye. These points are made up of high contrast with the pure black, and white stripes with the help of the atmospheric perspective. The atmospheric perspective has strong value, which helps with the contrast. The chair with the striped cloth over it gives it an organic shape that. With its shape the stripes show movement that goes from side to the other. The stripes of the chair have a hairy definition on them with its outline. The chair has some emphasis on the top left corner of the image. This achieved with the atmospheric perspective, starting with the darkest edges from the bottom right. This also helps with variety of the contrast. Pattern shown within the contrast of dark and light lines in the picture. This chair is made of a lot time and effort within this drawing.


week 8

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