Gallery write up one

Andrew Scelta                                                                                                           Sandra

Visual communication                                                                                           10/5/15

Art Gallery

The Gallery in Alfred University was open, large, and many had artworks. Two that caught my Eye were the “Painted Currency” by Huang Yan and “12:00, 12:05, 12:10, 12:25, 12:45” by Anne Hamilton. The number drawings are comprised of six different images. It looks as if water is falling on to a window and a person is behind said window looking toward the viwer. In each image there is a liquid for a foreground, a man standing (the middle ground) and a green wall for the background. The man seems to be in the same stance throughout each picture, but the value is changed from one to the other. Each framed artwork has the same width and length of the last one. The second image that caught my attention was “ Painted Currency by ahuang. It is a giant dollar bill with graffiti of a tree on alexander Hamilton’s face. The color on his face looks like some form graphic design. The artwork has many lines and plots f color in the face, which gives it a nice contrast through the background of the dollar. The edges of the dollar are cut as if it were old and crisp, passed around often from person to person.

Painted Currency by Huang Yan

tyler the creator

12:00, 12:05, 12:10, 12:25 12:45 by Ann Hamiltonff2

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