Linear line project

linear project


                               Strathmore Water color, Sharpie, 2015

back and front cover


Strathmore Water color, Sharpie, 2015

The Linear project is a six-picture fold out with achromatic images. It also includes a front and back cover. A front and back cover to it. The project itself is supposed to show a day in the maker’s eye, and the drawings are what finish it.

The six different pictures represent a workday at a pizzeria during the summer. Going from left to right, the pictures are showing waking up, all the way to driving away from work. The lines help show shape. Focal points or groupings are found through out the images. The focal points are (starting from the first on the left) the pupil, the small dot within the circle for the second, the dark demon face, and the portal in the last one. The images without any groupings would be fourth and fifth from the left. The human eye wanders when looking at these two. In the last image lines straying forward are to show pattern continuity. The reason why the entire piece is abstracted is to show a faster pace of the workday. The Front cover shows a small dot and to show how tiny the day is. The back cover shows that the day didn’t become of much. This project has helped me use closure in a proper fashion

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