This version of the storyboard is fueled by shape. Geometry is embedded in it’s basic construction. Four of the five basic shapes I used are circles, intersecting lines, squares, and the triangle. The elements of design help create linear perspective. They interact with each other creating a flow using one-point perspective. For the first image (the first on the left) The railing interpretation creates contrast with value in the color change. The second interpretation (first row in the middle) has a balance between the stationary bench and the moving leaves. The last on the top right is very abstracted and shows how the realism in it is changed to a purely geometric state.

For the stairs(first on the second row) the lines create a diagonal shape with its different pathways and vast color range. It has a lot of movement in it’s one-point perspective. The second row in the middle is very circular and shows two of the main shapes circles and intersecting lines. It has a lot of space and a lack of color but a very distinct presence. My last one (third one all the way to the right) it is a picture of a door with cool colors, strong contrast, and focal point.

They are all asymmetrically balanced. Out of all 6 there is very little unity combining them. There’s strong contrast through color from picture to picture. The emphasis is always on the focal point.

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