weekly journal #2


The Musician

Tamara De Lempicka lived in the roaring twenties and she was a art deco style painter. The Musician by Tamara De Lempicka made in 1929 is interesting and has a very distinct geometric shape and pattern within the lines. The lines on the picture are very congruent and edgy which helps with it having a extremely geometric shape. The value in the picture is very big and goes from light to dark very quickly. The painting has volume but looks as if the buildings in the background look more dimensional. There isn’t that much negative space within the picture. The colors are all cool, besides the one describing the women’s skin, and face.

There is a lot of balance within the picture, because of the tones and colors of it that makes a comfortable feeling to it. The emphasis of the painting is her and its meant to be her and the guitar or mandolin that’s she’s holding, and the contrast is supposed to help because the darkness and shadows are all behind her. There is much variety in her art as she has included all of the elements, and for its lacking unity. The pattern in her work would have to be in her shapes and how she shows all the edges and lines of the human body.

Grouping is there, the human eye goes straight to the woman in the blue dress, and with there is closure, the painting is perfect with that. I think that in the painting there is a lot of continuity, everything looks like a shape, for example the women’s arm connects with her shoulder and at the same time it looks like two different layers conjoin. With continuity it also has proximity, and containment in the picture.

De lempicka, Tamara. “The Musician” oil paint canvas, 1929


weekly schedule #2

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