Visual to communication Point and line project


                                                                                                      Twine, nails, ebony pencil, sharpie, water color based, 14″ X20″ 2015

Point and Line Write up

My last name is Italian, and over the years it has been mispronounced many times. The symbol of my point and line system is very flexible and can be interpreted in many ways.

The lines in my project are loose and undone. They are cut up and, while a regular point and line system is interconnected, mine is not. If the lines in my project were to stretch infinitely over time, there would be many cuts in the twine within the system. My piece thrives with organic-like shapes, yet the color is dreadful. However, it helps with it as a whole. The texture of it is with the twine; it’s a rough texture. The points support a physical structure, which are very balanced by the points. The balance is within the twine and the background. The little rope couldn’t support because of its physical form. Its lack of contrast gives it a sense of unity. The movement in then piece is with the twine being cut in half. The movement along with pattern is also associated with it.

My interpretation on the hand is quite different. Instead of the lines being loose and undone. They are very straight and edgy. The piece isn’t inorganic, but has no color. There is a noticeable gray scale and has some geometric shapes to it. There is also a lot of movement the picture. The lines representing cracks is where the movement occurs. It’s for when the cracks spread the movement begins. My interpretation has a lot more emphasis and meaning than the original. The picture has great unity and contrast.


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