Flip Book Write Up

Andrew Scelta                                                                                                        Schwartz

9/16/14                                                                                            Survey of animation

Flip Book Write Up

Ub Iwerks was a very innovative person, making many new kinds of technology that revolutionized the animated and filming world. He also has made some very interesting characters, one of them being the legendary Mickey Mouse.

Ub iwerks was 19 when he met Walt Disney. They made two different studios together, one being the Newmans Laugh-O-grams studio, and the other being Disney. In laugh-o-garms, they created advertisements for the Newman theater but didn’t have much luck. Iwerks animated many things for the Disney studio after 1923 like Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Mickey Mouse, and the silly symphonies. In 1930 Iwerks left Disney and started his own studio. He the created Flip the Frog, Willie Whopper and Comicolor cartoons. His studio fell in 1936. He went back to Disney in 1940 and did many things with the film industry. He made special effects and worked on some of the Disney park rides. He ended up working at Disney for the rest of his life.

Most of Ub Iwerks’ cartoons were black and white except for his Comicolor cartoons and a Flip the Frog cartoon “Fiddlesticks.” The design he had on a lot of his characters was simple, but the way they looked changed a lot, an example being Flip the Frog in “Flying Fists” and Flip the Frog in “The Milk Man.” In the beginning of the Flip the Frog shorts, he looked more like a frog, and at the end of the series he had a more human-like figure to him. To make his shorts, he used Cel and rubber hose animation. He told a story usually with a main character that would be doing a task or be in a specific place, and have many jokes in the them that would move the story along. His ComiColor shorts would always have a new set of characters at the beginning of each of them, with a new plot and a setting.

With my flip book gag, I tried making my adaptation look more like Ub Iwerks’ Flip the Frog cartoons more than any of his other works. I first took the basics, like gloves, the eyes, and a couple of garments, that being shoes and a shirt. I tried making the way my character walked like Flip the Frog walked in some of the earlier shorts. I used the rubber house animation for when my character took a step toward the TV. I made my character more human like than bear like, just Flip was in Iwerks’ later shorts.

I think my adaptation turned out alright. With every new picture I drew, my character came out a little different each time, even though I tried basing him on my original design. I felt like a lot of other parts in the flip book were smoother than others. My flip book could’ve been easier to flip if I didn’t make the drawings as big as I did. I zoomed in on the TV in frame 26 to show the TV’s action more noticeably, but I could have done it in a clearer manner. All in all, I think my flip book turned out well.









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