Rochester NY footage

Footage of Baboons from Andrew Scelta on Vimeo.


Children Playing on VR Baboon.

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Interaction Review Rochester NY

I was at the Rochester science Museum. There was three floors and many exhibits on each floor. One exhibit had to do with lights and laser pointers. I decided to use one of the interactive device called laser motion. Its look like a giant wooden box with glass surrounding the top half of it with two buttons and three dials. Inside of the box had little light sources. when you turn the dials and press the buttons their will be a light showing and depending on what way you move the dials the light can be added or it will.

Theres instructions on the box telling the viewer what shapes they can make. some of these are stars, triangles, daisy’s, furniture, a heart, and a seven pointed star. I was able to make a heart but could not make anything else. There were instructions but very vague and not all of the controls were labeled so the viewer may have a hard time getting used to it.

I think that the controls could have been better labeled and more properly placed with good instructions that it be easier to use for the person interacting with it.



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Train(final modeling, texturing, lighting project)


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Interactive Media(Final)

For this assignment a group of students were to work together. Two to three of the students were Digital media, one was apart of computer science, and another was a biology major. Together we were to come up with a game about animals. The animal was the biologists choice. We had the olive baboon.

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Cider Creek Ad: Winter Cinn



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Baboon Interactive game

This Project will be a VR game that has a player(stationary) who will be looking around them at baboon doing baboon things. Right now the baboon has been modeled, rigged an textured.

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Still life


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