20th century: draft


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Production Symbolism Final

for my symbol I chose a huge national symbol the Flag. I used multiple national flags and played around with the idea about dying for a flag. Three point lighting was used in this and I used throughout. It was the most prevalent in the Morge shots. I use two different scenes. One in mans dorm and the other within a Morge. Three elements I used were camera movement(up and down), camera parallel and used perspective in my establishing shot of the scene.

morge1 from Andrew Scelta on Vimeo.


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Typography Project

I was tasked with choosing an audio and making a kinetic Typography video to go with it. In the short film I show two different voices one being very crisp and obtuse versus one being very normal and bland. the color palette changes very little to show the main voice along with the text.

Lbj uh_2 from Andrew Scelta on Vimeo.


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Layered Time Personal(Draft)

Andrew Scelta

American 3D artist




Andrew has done 3D work for the past three years. Out of the 3D work most of it Is of 3D modeling and animation. Andrew has also done work within digital 2d. He is also a fan of history and tries to combine with his work points of history that aren’t as known. He is very inspired from history and art movements such as Impressionism and surrealism. He has gone to Alfred state college in Digital media and animation for the past three years.


Key Ideas


  • Most of his work has underpins of pop culture and history


  • Within his work there many references to history in the 19th and 20th centuries




Andrew was born in Monroe, New York; grew up there until the age of Five and then moved to Warwick NY. His father is a manager for Pearson, and his mother works for ABC. Andrew started to have an interest in art through classes he took in high school. At this same time, he took two trips to Europe and was very interested in the style of buildings that the cathedrals had in France, Spain and Italy. His interest in history started after visiting France. He discovered the work of surreal artist Salvador Dali soon after. When Andrew started college at Alfred State his knowledge of artists grew. He is currently in his third year at Alfred State college in the major of Digital Media and Animation.





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Layered Time condensed

For this project when doing it every other day starting with the first all I really did was an outline and didn’t put myself into that day, but with the second i was just thinking about what to add to it. In the center of day two theres part of a tree trunk I remember I was trying to make it into an eye, and try to make one of the cars be a focal point for that day. On the third day I was really trying to make a collage of cars that were very hard to tell they were cars while looking at them. That day I was listening to a documentary about french impressionism. On the fourth day I just really wanted to emphasize that weird red and getting rid of the union jack because I was getting sick of it. Red was becoming even more prevalent on the 5th day and from what I remembered I really wanted to show where the boundary of the parking lot was. For some reason I thought that was really important.  On the 6th day I was running out of ideas and just decided to make it look weird. On the 7th I deiced to erase to make it all white as if nothing happened but got bored of that and drew an eye that turned into a frog.


So I messed with it digitally and Made one just a timeline and the other with a hop.

hops2.mov from Andrew Scelta on Vimeo.

hop1_1 from Andrew Scelta on Vimeo.

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Extended Human Interpretation

I used Extended human and showed a certain progression of technology, from an old era. I also showed this by using a nano like technology crawling up the skin and used the commentary to narrate the progression of technology after that involves humans more and more.

Shape change:

With shape change I took my arm and rotoscoped it as a mask in After effects. I rotated it and slowly added color. It eventually turns into a road.

Movement (perpendicular to camera):

For movement I used a battleship, and a car to move perpendicular with the screen. I showed this multiple times throughout the film.


Draft of Production 2 project 1 from Andrew Scelta on Vimeo.


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moneyfinal from Andrew Scelta on Vimeo.


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