3 point lighting

three point lighting test

Key light shines directly on the scene of the Individual. Is the brightest out of the three.

Fill light shines on the scene or individual but from an angle. light isn’t as intense and less bright.

Back light shines from behind and is the dimmest

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Demo reel from Andrew Scelta on Vimeo.


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Explanation – Continental Drift

For this piece, each student was given a sheet of paper saying a small topic. I had ‘Future ways of doing continental drift’. I decided to add humor inside of this piece since humans cant directly and purposely affect continental drift.  I used two characters to depict the absurdity of a man made machine that is able to move continents.

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Special Topics Layered Time Final

This fInal project was based on three different systems throughout the 20th century. They were economics, factions, and government systems. The maps show the borders of the national borders of 1999. So for example any empire(ottomans) or giant colonial region(French Africa) that is shown split into similar nations today will show the  practice that the government used throughout all those regions.

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Aidan_Goes_Home.MOV(Motion Graphics)

In this video project, the class was suppose to show an action emphasized or being highlighted. These points of Impact were shown when the character touches the railing. Color and sound are created when this action happens. These extra colors and sound echo the motion happening throughout the video and show how the world is intertwined with these movements. 

Aidan_Goes_Home.MOV.mp4 from Andrew Scelta on Vimeo.


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Journal Entry 2 Final Project

Globe Process Update

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