Cider Creek Ad: Winter Cinn



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Baboon Interactive game

This Project will be a VR game that has a player(stationary) who will be looking around them at baboon doing baboon things. Right now the baboon has been modeled, rigged an textured.

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Still life


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modeling still life part 1

In this project, the class of ‘modeling texturing and lighting’ was assigned to model four objects that represent themselves. Here is the my four objects. The first is a pair of dice. The second is a bust with a bag over its hand. The third is a trash can with a piece of fabric hanging out and the last is of an hour glass.

There will be two more posts in this project showing the texturing of it and then the rendered out versions of it.


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Juiciness in Video Games

The first Game that I will be talking about in the juicy world will be Candy Crush. The

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Space Horror post

On 10/10/17 I came up with the design for the dashboard and what it might look like.  on 10/12/17 I started to model the dashboard. The assets for the screen, and smoke sprite were made during the week of 10/17/17- 10/19/17. In this project a group of my peers from this class and a Cisy class create a horror based game. These are some assets that I created for the project.

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Texture Practice.

The Assignment for this was to practice with substance painter on the companies default character model. I did two different textures with him. The first was just painting colors on him and the second was using the materials and stencils.



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